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EGR Delete Kits

We offer full service on diesel engines including the installation of EGR Delete Kits. Not sure if it’s what you want or need for your vehicle?

What is an EGR system?

An EGR system or Exhaust Gas Re-circulation system is a mandatory part found in most vehicles. This system will reduce exhaust emissions in your vehicle.

Can the EGR cause issues with my vehicle?

Yes! An EGR system can cause issues in an engine such as stuck valves, coolant problems and leaky cylinders.

Why do I want to install an EGR delete kit in my diesel truck?

If you want to improve on the life and performance of your diesel engine an EGR delete kit might be the route you want to go!

There are several other options to achieve this goal however none are as beneficial as an EGR delete kit which can remove the risk of  EGR system engine damage!

What does the EGR delete kit do?

An EGR delete kit removes the vehicle’s EGR system. This will allow your engine to run cooler than before. Running a cooler engine will improve performance, run cleaner and extend the life of your engine.

If you are interested in having and EGR delete kit installed in your truck give us a call at Torks Auto & Diesel repair!


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