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Do I need my brakes serviced?

When do I need my brakes serviced?

You need your brakes serviced when your brake linings are worn down to the minimum acceptable thickness specified by the vehicle manufacturer or the applicable agency that sets the requirements for this. As a rule you usually want to replace your brake pads when the brake pads are down to approx. 3 – 4mm thickness left or there is 30% remaining.

Are there signs that my brakes need servicing?

Yes! If you are having problems with grabbing, pulling, softness when applying the brakes, vibrations or noise from your brake system you should have them inspected. There is no specific time to have your brakes serviced.

Does how I drive impact how often I need my brakes serviced?

Having your brakes serviced depends on driving habits, weight of your vehicle, the type of brake system you have, city or highway driving and many other factors.

A set of brake linings can last almost double the amount of time with significant highway driving over city driving as you are just not using your brakes as often.

Do all my brakes always need to be changed?

No! You may find your front brakes wear out first because they take care of more of the vehicle load than the rear brakes. This is especially true with front wheel drive vehicles.

Will not replacing my brake pads often enough damage my vehicle?

Yes! Not having your brake pads replaced in a timely fashion causes them to wear down past the pad to the metal. If this happens you will now have metal rubbing on your rotors causing damage to this part of your braking system. If this happens you could potentially need to pay an additional charge to have your rotors machined, or if damaged enough they would have to be totally replaced.

Do brake services usually include rotor and caliper repairs as well?

No. When you see brake specials advertised this is usually for just the pads and brake fluid being topped up. If your vehicle requires servicing of your rotors or calipers this would be an additional cost.

Save yourself future expense and have your brakes serviced regularly!

If it’s time you had your brakes serviced give us a call at Torks Auto & Diesel Repair!




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